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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ThePRfan, Nov 29, 2014.

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    Sep 27, 2014
    I am not sure if anyone 1 knew,but have ducks.Runner,Pekin,and Khaki Campbells.I only have six,a few have died.I am not a duck expert,or know much about their pecking order,or even if they have 1,but that is my question,because my Pekin female, well 1 of them, and a khaki campbell hen have been fighting,a lot!No other ducks get invovled in it.The lead male just quacks and makes a lot of noise.Sometimes oldest duck,will try stopping it.Why are they fighting so much?

    My second question is about the chickens.I wasn't sure if of why they were fighting so much.They free range,they often have enough food,they always have access to water,and well space.What is their problem?

    I have a Runner female.3 years,and isn't laying as often.I said I know nothing much about ducks.I know chickens stop laying a lot once they reach 3 years.My Runners 3.She is responsible.I'm guessing it's the same for them,but
    I have no clue.I plan on learning more.Any info?

    (Sorry had to add a fifth!)Lately when I am holding a hen,my hens will drop their wing and begin showing lots of dominance.I have very dominant hens.My newhamp will jump on me and attack any hen i am holding.
    Why are theyd oing this?

    My fourth question,is how could I get my ducks to actually like me?Not be frightend and run from me all the time.
    Please let me know!
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    Duck social structure is a complicated thing, seems to me.

    Sometimes by separating ducks for a few days you can reset the dynamics. But it is trial and error. You try something, see if it works, try something else if it does not. Each duck is different.

    Some ducks just don't like each other. You might try splitting the two who fight with a temporary fence, but don't have either of them alone - put one or two with each one. Then see if things get settled a bit. It may take days or even weeks.

    Feed everyone treats together - and that may help them be friendlier. It takes time and patience, treats, and consistent work. Some ducks will always be a little standoffish, but if they feel safe around you, they can relax and will be more friendly.

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