4 Rhode Island red hens not laying..any suggestions???? help


7 Years
Oct 25, 2012
I bought from a local hatcher, 4 rhode island red hens, approximately (i dont remember exactly) 8 weeks old. Its been over 5 weeks since ive had them and and not one egg yet. Not even an attemp yet....lol
they are on a daily diet of scratch/layer crumbles and a treat of old bread every now and then.. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...mike
they are 13 wks old right now right? If so most pullets will not lay unitl about 20 wks...so you still got a ways to go.
Good luck with your rhode island reds i have some and love them!! :)
oh ok never had em before, my white leghorns are already going so ill keep my eyes on the reds...ty
Hell yeah Mike!! They have a few weeks to go yet you eager beaver you. lol I bought some recently that the produce place said were "point of Lay", but for a few weeks at least they are " point of......feed us and bugger off" Best of luck and hope you get eggs soon.

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