4 unhatched eggs, now what?


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Aug 29, 2008
Cool, CA (yes, that's its name
Here is a stupid question probably. I have only let my broodies hatch their eggs so I have no incubator. I found a hen this morning with newly surprised hatching of 4 babies but there were 4 eggs left in nest and she moved off with babies. Is it poss. to save those eggs and get them to hatch someway? I did candle all 4 and they are full. I opened one thinking it was probably dead and to my surprise it wiggled around and tried breathing but the yolk was still attached and quite a bit of it so I'm thinking the other 3 are the same. If I put a heat light on them would they hatch if they are still alive? I'm thinking they had a couple more days of growth to go so new mama just didn't wait for them. Thanks - Sharon PS - (I have a heating pad on them right now.)
The heating pad might cook em, but you can try. A light might regulate temp better.
It's up to you what you want to do with those leftover eggs. The Mama hen is satisfied with the ones she got to hatch, there's nothing wrong with just letting them cool and burying them somewhere to be fertilizer. There could be something inherently wrong, or just weak with them, that they didn't develop as fast as the others. Unless they're some rare endangered heritage breed, you needn't feel obliged to make them hatch.

BUT you're welcome to try if you wish. They may be just fine, and just need a bit more time to finish. Chickens always lay more eggs than they need to have hatch, and more chicks hatch than are needed to grow to adulthood. It's nature's way. You can try to keep them going with a heating pad, or heat lamp, and when they hatch try putting them under the hen at night and hope she'll accept them. There's a chance she won't, and you'll have to raise them by yourself.

I know where Cool, California is, we drove by it once on vacation, I liked the name.
Thanks for the info. Guess what? I just did a head count in the hen house and noticed another hen is missing and I did see her flaring and clucking like she had imaginary chicks with her earlier this afternoon. She's sitting in the hay stack so I'm thinking about sneaking in there and putting these 3 under her. They might make it, might not, but it will be interesting to see what happens. If she's been sitting its only been a few days so we'll see.

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