4 week chick with bad leg


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
One of my easter egger chicks had a bum leg when we got her. I tried the splinting it several times - no luck. She's been growing and gets around by hopping and dragging the bad leg. But as she gets bigger I wonder how she'll do when she moves into the coop with other chickens - right now she's in with 1 other chick we got at the same time. Also it just seems worse as she gets bigger - probably isn't but just as the leg grows it is harder to drag.

Any suggestions? Anyone else have a chicken with a bad leg? If she is a she, I'd be happy to keep her. If she's a roo - probably headed for stew
Not to hijack your post but we have an app. 10 week old Buff Brahma that got it's leg caught in the coop somehow at night and is dragging also. We found her still stuck in the morning and thought she was dead. The injury seems to be in her hip. We have her in the house in a basket and are giving baby asprin for pain. She is eating and drinking fine but we also need advice. Hope one of the longtimers on here can give both of us some help on how to treat.


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