4 week old buff orpington...roo or hen?


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5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
I'm new to this site. I have 2 4 week old BO. I'm thinking one may be a rooster. It feathered in slower then the other is bigger then the other one. I also noticed comb and Wattles almost 2 weeks ago. Where the other one doesn't have any yet.  this picture was taken yesterday

 the picture of the 2 BO'S together was taken a week ago
Thanks for all the input. I was pretty sure he was a he but just need some clarification. I can't have roosters where I'm at so once he is big and crows he'll find a new home. I have raised 20 in the last year and I figured it would be sooner or later I ended up with a roo.

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