4 week old mixed flock chicks- see any possible roos?


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May 4, 2020
Hi all! I'm a first time poster/long-time prowler on BYC and am so grateful for all of the resources/advice the community has provided as I've been raising my first ever batch of backyard chicks (which I have seriously been dreaming about and planning since I was a little kid, haha). I know 4 weeks is early for sexing, especially for some of the breeds I have, but I want to run these pictures past the BYC experts just in case anyone sees signs of a possible roo. I ordered five chicks--one of each breed, no bantams--as pre-sexed female from MPC (so Meyer Hatchery chicks). I have one BR (not the "heritage" Plymouth BR they charge more for), a Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte, a Swedish Flower, a Buckeye, and a Barnevelder ("double-laced", but I don't know if that's just typical of the breed).

Some behavior info if it might help: All five are active, healthy, and eat well. The BR, SFH, and Blue lace RW were the largest on arrival, first to start feathering out, and are the boldest/most inquisitive of the chicks. The BR is definitely my bestie in the group: first to hop on my lap, constantly wants to shoulder roost, loves pets--I'm mainly posting re: the BR chick as I am really, really, reaaaaally hoping she doesn't turn out a roo, since they're illegal in my city, but if she is a he then I'd like to have some extra time to rehome. The SFH is a bit more aggressive than the others, especially when food is around, but also loves to do the scratching/fluffing/roosting on the ground hen-move and doesn't seem to display any other possible-roo behaviors. I think she is just top hen in the pecking order. The Wyandotte has been consistently docile/sweet/calm. The Buckeye is a bit smaller than the bigger chicks, was slower to feather out, and is very tame but a bit flightier and kind of an angsty baby (since day 1, she's always the one responsible for the loud crying-chirps, usually for no apparent reason, or in response to minor changes like me leaving the room/putting them back in their brooder after hang-out time). The Barnevelder chick was super tiny/a bit weaker/wobblies than the others on arrival, has been by far the slowest to feather out, and is skittish/runs away from me/my hand while everyone else runs in to check for treats. She will eventually eat from the hand and will jump up to roost on my leg, but only after all the others do first (and even then, she's on red alert until she falls asleep). I've read that skittishness/slow maturing is typical of the breed, and she seems like she’s at the bottom of the pecking order, even though she is fine with being disruptive and shoving the other chicks out of the way to squeeze into whatever spot she wants the middle of the group when roosting/napping. She is my number one too suspect though...

Anyways, here are some pictures-- any insights or guesses on sex would be super appreciated!!!


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