4 week old pic of partridge rocks


12 Years
May 22, 2007
Greeneville, Tn
Here is a picture of my 4 week old Partridge Rocks. Color on necks are effected by flash and red heat light. Many of the females have cushions now. I have been doing regular updates on my chickens blog and there are more pics there. But since I started here with the day old pic right when I got them I thought I would show everyone here the 4 week olds.

I am lucky we did such a big brooder. When we get the coop done they will be at over just over six weeks. Right now they are flying up on top of the brooder and I can turn off heat lamp. Can't imagine what it will be like at 6 weeks.


10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Boondocks, Colorado
Looks like mine! I LOVE them, they are my favority breed... as if you can really pick a favorite breed! I had two hens out of three go broody last month, and they are now sharing mothering the babies!

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