4 week olds getting bullied by 6 week olds - any hope?


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May 8, 2011

I added three little chicks (two d'uccles and a silkie) to my flock of 6 (two barred rocks, a silkie, and a few unkonwn bantams). First, let me say I'm new and had no idea that those cute little black fluff balls called Barred Plymouth Rocks would grow to be ENORMOUS.
The little ones are getting chased and pecked now that everyone is out in their new coop. Not too viscious - but they're definitely scared. The older silkie is the worst but she seems to be the odd one out of the original 6.

Any hope that they'll get along at some point, or at least peacefully co-exist? Should I be worried?

Thanks to any 'veterans' who can give me suggestions / pointers.
With a two week difference in ages, you should be able to carry this off successfully.

However, chickens are individuals, so please see post #8 below (I just today typed it out for someone else):

see post #8

In that post I describe the difference between bullying (not ok) and the normal pecking order. The normal pecking order can look terrible but is ok, and they will settle down and peace will reign hopefully soon, in my experience.

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