4 weekers coming tomorrow..need advice..


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So I have been researching guinea hens for a few weeks now and have decided to get between 3 and 4 to add to the flock. The guy selling the keets said that there are 4 weeks old. I have read nearly everything I can find on this forum and there really is a wealth of knowledge, thanks all for that.
I am wondering if it would make sense to close off the chicken door from the coop to the run, and let the keets finish feathering and growing up a bit, while at the same time establishing their "home base." We have 10 Chickens that free range during the day now, and our run is about 16'x8' and is completely wired up, floor too, with a nice metal roof. I have discovered it is probably best to keep with a higher protein turkey or game bird food, from this here forum. But I wasn't sure if I would also have to provide a lighted area for warmth at night, as we did when the chickens were young. I know this is a lot of questions I just want everyone to be healthy, happy and get along. How long should I keep the keets isolated, and not free ranging? I saw someone posted that you can let half of them out and the remaining will call back the travelers. Thanks to all that can help with some info, I really do think it is great what these little creatures do to enrich all of our lives!

Thanks in advance!
Hi and
. I don't know anything about Guineas so I'm bumping your post up to see if someone else does.
At 6 weeks, I stopped using the heat lamp with mine. The night temps were in the 60's and my guineas were not sleeping under the light.

You should be able to tell with the second feathers. They have a different pattern than the chick feathers.

I would try to keep them in the coop for a few weeks. They are very social birds and will probably stay with the other chickens that free range. They spook easy, so the whole flock mentality will keep them together.

Good luck.

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