4 weeks and they're out! Now what?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Beau coop, Mar 20, 2009.

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    May 19, 2008
    I couldn't take one more second of those babies in my house. I had to boot them- I just had too. They are cute as can be, but man are they messy and loud.

    My broody OEGB banty hatched three EE's a month ago. She is a fantastic momma hen and she was as ready as I was for them to join the flock. So 4 weeks to the day, OUT!! They are feathered and the temps are warming up.

    I put momma and babies in a small section of coop where they can see the rest of the flock but they are separated by a gate. Momma had a few outing with the flock during her "confinement" and she was always so excited to see everyone. When I brought her and the babies out to there new diggs Wednesday - She freaked out! She wanted to be back with them so badly. Yesterday she got her wish. I let her and the babies mingle with the flock.

    There was definite feather pulling by my attack momma hen. She is a ferociously protective mother. The rest of the flock learned rather quickly to give the babies space- except my Mille D'uccle roo- He pounced on a baby and boy did momma pounce on him. It took a few beatings from momma hen for him to get the idea.

    I did put them in their separate area in the pen today because I won't be home to supervise.

    Do you all think they can join the flock this weekend? Is that too soon for them?
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    If you see her defending her babies, they should be fine. I've had hens raise them with the rest, but they do have free roam as far as they wish and so can get away from the others if need be.

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