4 weeks old baby bantam has swollen anus....Help!


9 Years
Oct 8, 2010
I have discovered this 2 days ago and the swelling seems to be getting worse. I rinsed her little behind under warm water and noticed that she seems to be pushing (oppening is moving) How can I help her? She passed a little poop yesterday.
This is serious. She is very constipated. See if you can get a drop of olive oil in her. Dribble in side of beak to avoid aspiration. You need to soak her bottom in warm water for a minimum of 10 minutes. Remove from water, heat lamp on her bottom. Careful, keep your hand between her bottom and heat lamp so she doesn't get too hot. Rub some of the olive oil around the vent. Give her a couple minutes to see if she passes the poo. If not, back in the water. Repeat until she is able to poop.

i had this happen to a chick once. Don't know why her poo got so thick and stuck, but she had the same protruding vent. It took several rounds of warm water treatments, but it worked.

Good luck!

Edited to say i just noticed this emergency is from yesterday. Hope the chick is doing better. Let us know.
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