45 days Old Squab

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  1. The H

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    Apr 19, 2017
    Dear All,

    I kept one of my 45 days old squab with another pair because parents of that squab are feeding another hatchling.

    That pair has beaten squab a lot that his eye lashes are Red, I took the squab out. Is it fair enough for any pigeon pair to beat another squab, also how much time it will take to cure for red eye lashes or do I need to take him to Vet

  2. FrostyWind

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    Jun 12, 2016
    In the wild pigeon and dove squabs don't stay in the nest when they are a month old. If the parents want to reuse the nest the chick is still in there then the parents resort to pecking even if the chick is bleeding. Domesticed pigeons and doves do the same, its a thing bound to happen to fledge squab.
    Yes try to take care of the lashes or eyes because it can get infected and become blind or anywhere around that area can also get infected.
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  3. The H

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    Apr 19, 2017
    Thanks I will take care of him
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    Feb 16, 2011
    Newport Tennessee
    In wild, and responsible pet care, each breeding hen gets two nests.. when here pair are about two weeks old after hatch, hen usually lays two more eggs in second nest. She primarily raises these new ones till they are two weeks, then cock takes these over too until takes over her younger ones again primarily, but they can take care of three pairs of young at time If older pair still need. In wild this is normal and healthy, but in old style of keeping pigeons this causes health problems aggression and death from malnutrition inactivity and poor kept living conditions (in wild other creatures constantly clean pigeon nests, pigeons get a lot more exercise sun fresh air, bathing, and varied complete nutrition). My feral and free fliers ate and taught others to eat greens lichens mosses berries fruit seeds nuts invertebrates, and natural stuff from soil they scratch peck and bath rolling in. Probably more unobserved. My pigeons always raise two healthy young continually until separated with no bad health effects.. even raising foster eggs and squeakers up to five (including their two young or all five fosters). At very least working best, using 36" x 30" x 16" standard largest Rabbit cage or box (though 40" squared is ideal), feeding cheap natural unmedicated chicken layer pellets (more nutritional slightly than pigeon breeding conditioning and show pellets) cut in half to fourth with six grain at least scratch if want (or just whole corn), and wild bird seed. I never have fosters fathers now refuse under month old young when they scream begging for food n water.. though seven to eleven young trying to feed off one too loving male will wear him out pumping all those young on ground.

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