4_H and free chickens (sorta long)

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    HI All
    My family and I had had a great day event today. My children when to a state 4-H poulty judging today. ( I had no clue what they would do) I learned that they had to judge and grade everything from the chickens (white leghorns) to the eggs and the fresh chickens and turkeys ready to eat. Well my daughter placed 4th in the junior class and my son had 7th in the junior class as well. WE were so happy they have never done this and it is there first yr in 4-H.

    Also at the end of the judging they were giving the hens away FREE .... I took 2 of 12 and let others have some. I did not know that once they leave the farm area there were in they can not go back due to brings deases (sp) back.

    They're claws on there feet are so longggggg I dont think they have ever been on the ground. so far they are fitting in here on our mini farm....

    By the way this was the U of I in Champaign, Urbana

    thanks for reading
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    Sounds like fun!

    You can clip their toenails if you like. We've used anything from dog nail clippers to fingernail clippers. The dog clippers work the best.
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    Congratulations to the kids, and the new additions! [​IMG]

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