5 - 6 week americanas


May 23, 2022
Central Maine
What do you think? I am thinking the last pic is a roo tho I heard with these guys it can be hard to tell until 10-12 weeks? I will post better pics when I can get them lol thanks for any help oh and I have 3 more to show but one is def suppose to be female .. will get shots of them as well


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EE's are typically very easy to sex from 6+ weeks. Females usually have female specific patterns, and males get red leakage early/have male specific patterns.
Welp I got 5 as straight run so what I get I get lol just curious so as to name them.. the last one is huge and gorgeous.. def got to get a better pic of him... wanna help me name him?
Thanks! There are actually 3 chick's here lol two look like robins.. first one I was thinking was boy.. the second on has smaller comb and was hoping pulled so we can call her Robin and him batman lmao
Oh gosh. Well that explains the comb on the second one appearing different than the first! 🤣

Can you get better pics from the side on the second bird?

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