$5 a dozen?? Phx Farmer's Market


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Nov 1, 2009
Kirkland, WA
$4 dollars a dozen here for my buff orp eggs. I actually get more for the bantam eggs ($5). Everything is high priced around here and fresh eggs from chickens that eat grass as well as food sell pretty well. I'm limited on how many I can have but I sold four dozen the other day just to one customer.


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Mar 15, 2009
south dartmouth ma
My local market sells farm fresh local eggs 5 bucks a dozen.
I chuckle every time I see someone grab them and put them in their carriage.
You know what they say.... There is an a#$ for every seat.
Good thing stupidity is not contagious. You can buy the same eggs for 2 bucks
down the road.


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Aug 10, 2009
I pay upwards of $4 a dozen for organic free range eggs at the grocery store here, and I would pay more for fresh eggs.... but that's also why I am getting my OWN fresh and beautiful eggs soon!


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Apr 8, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
LizFM . ..
Come see us on the AZ thread sometime:

My neighbor (in Mesa) sells her eggs for $2. I think that farmers market in Phoenix pulls a crowed willing to pay a premium. Of course, in addition to paying for feed, they have to pay for their booth. They have some interesting classes over there by the Phoenix Permaculture guild.....ok I am assuming you went to the market near downtown.


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Jul 17, 2009
Were you up at the one in Thunderbird Park? I have noticed they are pricier now, probably because everyone's hens are freeloading a bit. I bet you'd see a price drop come spring, plus they'll have another supplier: Me!

ANYWAY--just remember veggies change $ with supply and demand---so if you want to skip all that, go get 1000 carrot seeds for $1.79. But then you gotta dig, water in the summer, watch out for pests, blah blah blah. It is great fun, and I highly reccomend it. I grow all the wierd veggies, because who wants cruddy fingerling carrots when you can grow giant yellow ones or bright red ones? Stick around long enough and the people here will talk you into chickens too....
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Mar 13, 2009
great post lareepdgq.... my local RAINBOW foods wants 4.99 for cage free.... larry shultz is another in our area that is at 4+. My fellow teachers who like knowing where their eggs come from LOVE the 2.50/doz I charge.... I am probably being stupid - should charge more, but I like that folks buy the eggs and are excited about where they come from and know I do a good job!


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Oct 9, 2009
Mine are 3.50

I HAVE seen eggs in the health food store for $5!! They were organic free range...

lady and her girls

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Oct 19, 2009
I live in ohio and I want to move to warmer climes ummm. In this country we have gotten away from the core values and have gone to greed... Like everyone says with permits and laws maybe this guy had to drive an hour from the farm to bring eggs to the market then its the paper work, booth fee and feed bill that needs to be paid. Or this guy bought them from a local store and is trying to make a quick buck!

any way I try not to pay full price at the market but then my local store buys from surrounding farms and sell way cheaper. Ok here I go talking about money.
well I still wont buy talapia- type of fish


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Nov 15, 2008
Martinez, CA
The eggs in our farmer's market are $4/ doz for pullet eggs (ie small) and $6+ for large brown eggs. It's not much better in the stores. I give my eggs away, or at least used to before the girls starting molting.


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Dec 8, 2008
Glendale, AZ
The eggs sell for $5 a dozen at our Glendale, AZ farmer's market too - even last summer when the hens were laying very well. $5 does seem high for eggs, but some people are willing to pay extra for fresh, healthier eggs and the convenience of buying them at the farmer's market versus making the appt. to pick them up from a private seller. Once our Glendale market opened back up, a couple of buyers that were buying from me, started buying their eggs there - more convenient if they are already there purchasing produce, etc. also. One of those buyers had already insisted on paying me $10 for 2 dozen eggs, just because she was happy to finally find some fresh eggs.

I sell my extra eggs for $3 per dozen (large brown & green eggs) and sometimes don't have enough to fill the demand. One thing I have noticed is that our feed prices are pretty high in this part of the country - $17 for 50 lbs of layena. The high cost of feed means it costs more to produce those eggs. I figure the eggs I sell just help the chickens pay for part of their keep - feed, shavings, oyster shell, & fresh spinach.
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