5 and 1/2 days late but peeping. HELP!


9 Years
Jan 23, 2011
5/25 at 9pm was exactly 21 days. 4 chicks hatched within 12 hours prior and after that time. Yesterday I went to toss the remaining 6 eggs. Before I ddi that I did a float test. OMG one of the eggs started bobbing around like a bobber with a fish on the line and it was PEEPING! I immediately put it back in the incubator and put in warm water to increase the humidity. Now what? I know conventional wisdom says wait but it's been almost 6 days now. It is eating at my heart to think it's maybe stuck and suffering. There is no signs of any pipping. What do I do?
i am no chicken doctor but if your brave break back a little of the shell at a tme it might need help i know they say not to but i have and all is well.
praynig all is well

let us know the out come.
If I decide to help, and I am not sure yet what to do, where do I start chipping away at the shell, what end or in the middle like they do when they unzip themselves?

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