5 breeds eggs listed Welsummer, andalusian , orpington, lakenvelder


12 Years
Oct 25, 2007
This is a buy it now listing for 5 breeds of pure hatching eggs. ( 3-1-10 all eggs are still available)
You can mix it up if you want or just one breed. Each breed is cooped alone so all are pure.
Each breed has the price listed in the posting, don't do the buy it now button. PM me
I can ship on Monday or Tuesday but I'm open for any day. Or pre order pick your date. All eggs are fresh ready to hatch.
Pay by pay pal pm me for my pay pal. Shipping is included in the price. Extra eggs will be added.

Following breeds available: with number of eggs and price

Welsummer 1 doz $30.00 ( 1 order available)

Blue Andalusian 1 doz $25.00 ( 3 orders available) blue black splash chicks

100% Blue Andalusian 1 doz $28.00 (1 order available) all blue chicks

Golden Lakenvelder 6 plus eggs $20.00 ( 1 order available)

Buff Orpington 1 doz $24.00 (2 orders available)

Black sex link 1 doz $24.00 ( 2 orders available) sex-able at hatch chicks will be roosters barred, pullets black. I have some I hatched last year laying dark as welsummer eggs, the roosters get big fast, beautiful birds this cross is a welsummer rooster x barred rock hens.

Pictures of my chickens,
Golden Lakenvelder,

Buff Orpington,

100% blue coop Andalusian splash rooster x black hens,


More pictures can be seen on my page.
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Woohooo I got my dozen of these Welsummers today in the mail. They were very well packaged and she sent 15!!! My husband who was home at the time saw me unwraping first the tape - then the bubble wrap and then the tapped paper towels...he said it was like red-neck Christmas!! LOL
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hey guys , you better get some of these eggs while you can, okiehen has some really nice birds, i have some of her andalusians, black sex links, and golden lakenvelders my self , not including the 5 dozen eggs of hers i have in the bator lol, 1 doz golden lakenvelders, 2 doz andalusians, and 2 doz buff orpingtons... i love her birds and they are well taken care of and she takes pride in her birds , and i cant blame her especially when she has such awesome birds ..... and my black sex links i got from okie lay some nice dark eggs too , many people that have seen pics of my egg assortments think that they are maran eggs since they are so dark and the birds grow up to be some nice looking hens too , i just recently purchased a welly roo from okie as well to put my black sex link hens back on .... you cant go wrong with these eggs that is for sure .... thanks again okiehen ( sharon )
I got my welsummer eggs yesterday and let me tell yall these are some gorgeous eggs!! Packing was also great.

I am happy happy happy I got me some ! Thank you soooo much for the amazing eggs and great service!


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