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    Aug 12, 2013
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    I NEED HELP ASAP I have a duckling that started hatching 5 days early and I'm stressing out. He's still in the egg but he's got the shell off the top where the air sack would be. He's also broken though part of the membrane. He hasn't absorbed all of the yolk and there is blood coming out of the egg. I have him wrapped in a warm paper towel under a heat lamp and I keep the remaining part of the membrane moist like most people say. But he's fighting the egg and wants out. I don't know what to do and I don't wanna lose him because he's the only one I have left. His breathing is really slow but he keeps kicking around. He chirps every once and awhile but mostly he's just trying to get out He's having trouble and the membrane is tearing, causing blood to spill out of the egg. Should i help him out? I don't know what to do. He started hatching yesterday afternoon and he was crying all night long but today he's a loy quieter. He's just moving a lot. I'm afraid he's gonna rupture the yolk or something.

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    Did your duckling make it?

    How accurate was your thermometer? The only time I had a premature hatch was when my temperature was too high.

    If the yolk sac has not been absorbed you have to try to keep the chick in its membrane until it has. The fact you saw blood indicates that the blood vessels that line the membrane were still active.

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