5 EE 3-4 week old chick's Need Gender. Roos or Hens?!


7 Years
Sep 27, 2012
I have a different picture per chick none of the pictures are a copy of a chick. Hopefully i get a bunch of the same answer hopefully. Thank you all!!!

I agree with Wynette. #2 definitely looks like a roo, and #3 appears to be getting a bit of comb color as well. Easter Eggers can be a challenge to tell gender on, and several times I have had a roo that was a little late in developing. One telltale sign of a roo is when a young bird's legs suddenly get thicker and sturdier-looking than those of its siblings. It's a sign that the chick is getting ready to undergo a serious growth spurt, which usually goes along with being a roo. Our EE pullet chicks always grow a little more slowly than their brothers.

They're going to be nice-looking birds!
I thought in general with EE's red on the chest is a sign of a pullet? Is that not the case with #2?

Just curious as I'm figuring out some of my own right now!

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