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I purchased a 50# bag of 5 grain scratch and was surprised at all the waste, or at least what I would call waste. I sifted 10 pounds thru a fine sifter and lost 1 1/4 # ending up with 8+ lbs of clean grain. Looking closely it looks more like 4 grains and some pellets. I can identify cracked corn, oats, sunflower seed (is that even a grain/), another grain looking seed and the pellets. Added to crumbles would this sound like an adequate diet for my 3 hens?

They were laying very predictably then 2 went broody. One is sitting on an empty nest and one on an egg that is due to hatch tomorrow but I don't think it will and the 3rd is laying regularly.

All three birds are over a year old and act healthy. I bought my feed from the local co-op and Im going to check out another local feed supplier (tractor supply)and see what theirs looks like. 12% trash seems like a lot of waste and Im sure is not good for the birds.

Id like to find a good source on-line that I could buy from that assures a good clean nutrious feed. Any suggestion or recommendations? I also put out some oyster shell for them when they want it. They are free ranging Columbian Coochins.
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I bought a bag of feed that sounds similar not long ago. I thought it was a pelleted feed but turned out to be scratch grains mixed with pellets. It is almost like a "sweet feed" for horses. In my case it is a 16% protein feed.

I think that by sifting it you are possibly removing some of the added vitamins and probably breaking down the pelleted portion.

I would feed it without sifting and let the birds decide.

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