5 Mo Old RIR not developing comb and wattles....common occurence?

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    Some time ago, I noticed one of my Rhode Island Reds was not developing like her hatch mates or other girls. When everybody else was getting combs and wattles at 3-4 months, she didn't. Now that they most are laying and all are 5 months old, this one is not laying (yet) and her comb and wattles are underdeveloped. She is only slightly smaller and lighter weight than the others. She is the only one of my 9 girls who is timid, roosts in the furthermost corner of the coop with her head hanging down the backside, is afraid to come eat out of my hand, and does not want to be held. She acts normal, otherwise.

    Any ideas if this is a common occurance and/or what this underdevelopment means in terms of future eggs?

    Here are some pictures of my girls so you can see the comparison:

    Normal Development:



    Oops, Black Sexlink dropped a delicious lump of canteloupe down the hole and had to retrieve it.


    Thanks for any comments.
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    I had one that was a late developer. She is also the largest of my RIR's. She didn't start laying until she was nearly 8 months old.

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