5 month old pullet Red face, lethargic


8 Years
May 15, 2011
Lake Charles
I have a 5 month old pullet that I found falling over. Her face is very red, but she is eating and drinking. Stool looks normal. I brought her inside and gave her chick starter and water. She is still eating but just doesn't want to move. Any suggestions?
My computer is down and can't post pics from my phone. I went to put her out with her siblings and noticed none of them were roosting at 8:30. I just recently integrated them with the flock. I do plan on separating them so I have a separate coop. I locked them up in that coop for a week at night. I never saw them before but am wondering if they have been Wandering every night. Maybe she's exhausted? When I put her out she was running around as if she never had a problem. I locked them all up tonight and will check on them again in the morning. I hope it's just that, easily fixed if so.

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