5 month old Toulouse having problems walking


15 Years
Oct 15, 2007
Not sure what the problem is but the last few days my female has been limping pretty bad. She has times when she gets around better than others. No obvious signs of injury or sores. We recently switched from Purina Flock Raiser to Purina Layena as my hens are laying. Could this be causing problems? None of the other geese or ducks seem to be bothered. I am really concerned about her as I love my geese and they follow me all over when I am in the yard.

Right now we have her penned up with the chickens (they sleep in the same coop at night) instead of running the property with the rest of the geese and ducks. She isn't super thrilled about that but they love to wander all over and graze and she has a difficult time keeping up. There is a small swimming pool in the chicken pen for her, as well as shelter and food.

She still eats, swims and raises a fuss at the occasional passing tractor, etc. So is acting normal except for the limping and difficulty moving around.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Maybe she is requiring more niacin in he diet. When goslings or 4-5 month old start limping it is niacin that they need in their water. Or powdered brewers yeast for animals. You might just mix brewers yeast in her food to help her get more niacin in her system.
Where would I find that?  The grocery store or someplace like TSC?  Thanks.

You should be able to find Niacin at a drug store. Just make sure that it is regular Niacin. Do not get the timed released kind. I had to ask the pharmacist to get mine from behind the counter. Get capsules if you can so you don't have to grind the tablets. I finally went online and ordered the capsules since it was so hard to find around here. I use one 500 mg capsule in their 5 gallon waterer. I also ordered brewers yeast online to add to their food. I almost lost my goose to this because we were gone when she first started showing signs of deficiency. It took a few days to get her back on her feet.
Thank you so much for that information. She is doing a bit better now we have her penned but she tries to get over the fence to get to her hubby and duck siblings. Then she hollars at them and they come running. We also have purchased another bag of the Flock Raiser for the geese and ducks.

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