5 or 6 months of waiting over

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    it's been 5 or 6 months waiting for my first eggs & it finally happend i got 4 eggs yesterday!!!!! wooo hoooo!!!! I all i need to know if if they lay everyday & how many at 1 shot. i have 1 black star hen & 3 rhode island red hens. any info would be greatly appriciated.
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    I remember my excitment when the first eggs were found! Your girls may not lay consistently for a week or more. They are young and trying to figure this whole thing out. You should be lucky if they lay in the nest boxes and not on the floor or in some hidey hole somewhere! [​IMG]
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    Congrats! It's always fun to get those first eggs from a new bunch of pullets. Wait 'til you taste them - delicious!

    Often pullets will start laying, then slack off for a week or two, then start back up more consistently. Also, the eggs will be smaller starting out and then get bigger.

    Black Stars (a sexlink) & RIRs are both excellent egg laying breeds. Once they get in full swing, you can expect 6-7 eggs per week from each gal.

    Certainly not less than 5 per week from each bird. I would cull individuals laying less than that after 7 months when the days are at 14 hrs total daylight.
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    awesome the more eggs means the bigger the omlet
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    Congratulations! So exciting. [​IMG]

    Hens will lay daily, with the time of lay an hour later each day until the cycle reaches the end of the day. Then, the cycle will restart (often with the skipping of one day). Because your hens are new to the business of laying eggs, egg laying may be sporadic and spread apart at first.

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