5 week old "crowing"


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RAggh grrr ggoorh

OMG that was sooooo funny. I thought what the heck is after the chickens..!?......I don't know which one of my 5 week olds it is, but what a great way to start the day!!!
Now I just have to figure out which one, i have a couple of suspects....
Yeah we have one of those guys... our speckled sussex. Started at 11 days. We laugh as he really doesn't have it down yet, and might crow at just any old time for unknown reasons LOL! He's almost 4 weeks old now, and such a nut! Sometimes he crows at night when I getting ready for bed!
Lol, my mom swore that she heard one of our 8 week old PULLETS crowing outside this morning...or from what she said, trying to. It's too cute when they go for the first time. But after that you wish they were mute.
I was wondering when we will be sure that one of our hens isn't a rooster. They're seven weeks so I guess we'd know by now, right?

Some have bigger combs and different colored combs so were were wondering.
Me too... caught two of my 7 week olds attempting to crow this morning, one a mottled cochin and the other a mille fleur d'uccle. Every time my silkie roo would crow, these two would join in. It was worth getting up at 6:30 this morning just to hear this.

Funny though, of 8 BO cockerels which are nearly 13 weeks old, only one of them is trying to crow. Maybe I've mis-sexed? Or are they just a little slow?
It depends on the breed and sometimes on the individual bird. You would be surprised how many later crowers there are out there. Look for very red combs and developing red wattles, which tends to indicate males. As a general rule, 7 week old pullets have little or no redness in the face and small, pale pink or sometimes yellow wattles and combs. (Combs develop quicker than wattles.)
I have a Buff O roo who will be 5 months old soon. he has not crowed yet. It could take a long time until they start to crow. They will crow when they are good and ready.
That's just been my experience.
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