5 week old "Easter Egger" female or male?


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Jul 5, 2012
This chick is 5 weeks old. I got the egg from a friend who said "ameraucana", but I'm guessing EE, as I gather that is more likely. I know it's not a great picture - I've been trying! What do you think - rooster or pullet? Her comb is non-existant and not at all red, though I know it is early. I have read people saying things like "the colouring would suggest...." but I can't find anywhere that explains that colours are more likely to be male or female, if this is indeed true. I'm hoping she is a pullet and am hanging on to her (the rest are going to a friend) but I'd love to hear you thoughts. My gut says female as I watch "her" and see the other (more obvious!) roos, but admittedly I haven't much experience, and it could also be wishful thinking!
It looks like a pullet so far.

There's a nice thread here somewhere about sexing easter eggers. Basically, hens are drab and plain looking, with smooth colors all over their body, colored to blend in to the background. Roosters are flashy, brighter colored, often have red patches on the wings. Their overall color is meant to draw the eye and scream "Look at me! Aren't I a fine handsome male! Wouldn't I make a great baby daddy?"

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