5 week old EE gender ID.


Crossing the Road
May 8, 2017
This is my 5 week old EE (sold to me as an Ameraucana pullet). She/ he is much larger and more dominant than my other EE pullets with a larger more defined and pinker comb. Side note: they are from different lines so that may play a factor. Opinions please. Pullet or cockerel?

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Just checking... can anyone see this? I've noticed replies for other threads but none for mine. Am I doing something wrong?
Most people won't answer a duplicate post. It looks like a cockerel

Sorry. I only did that because I wasn't sure if I posted wrong. I initially posted from my mobile so I went and tried from the desktop site. Again sorry I've never done forum chat before so I thought I hadn't posted right.
No worries, just letting you know. You will probably want to wait for the more definite male signs like saddle feathers or a crow.

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