5 week old Frizzle Crowing!!?

carolina chicky

10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
South Carolina
I have three 5 week old Frizzle Chicks that I bought from an auction a few weeks ago. They are in the garage and a few minutes ago I was outside and heard a weird noise. I went in the garage and the roo of the bunch was on the roost, standing proud, and letting out the cutest little crow. Well, it didn't sound like a normal crow of course, but I am sure thats what he was doing. He did it about 7 times and then quit.
I was wondering if this is normal to crow at this young age?
I had a little silkie chick and a barred rock bantam chick that were around 6wks old and were crowing. I didn't know what that noise was they were making...like a screeching sound and my husband said "he's crowing"
Awwww!!! How cute! You should try to get a video to post.
Love it when they crow early. I had a black Ameraucana cockerel who was crowing in the brooder at FIVE DAYS old! Tried and tried to catch him on camera and all I managed to do was get him stretching his neck out a bit. Don't have a video camera that works, dang it.
One of my little sizzles crowed the other day, he was 28 days old!! He did it about five times in a row and has not crowed since! I hope he starts again!
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