5 wk old not eating or drinking

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    I have a 5 week old buff who has had some issues from the start. I posted to the Nan story, because my Poopsy is tiny and always has a pasty butt. Her temperament has been fine - eating and drinking, and running and even a teeny bit of flying. This morning when I went to feed them (I have 8 total, 3 buffs, 3 SLW and 2 barred rocks), Poopsy didn't move. Usually she comes running over when I put my hand down with seeds or grit, but she didn't move. I picked her up to check her butt, and there was no new poo. I got a medicine dropper and gave her some water, and even tried some hard boiled egg, but she is not the least bit interested. I didn't want to leave her in the brooder with the other girls, because she seems so different today, so I put her in a box with food and water, and put a light over her with a low wattage bulb.

    Should I give any more detail about her in general, or is this sufficient? I should add that all the chicks have been on medicated feed, and I have been using vitamins and electrolytes in the water from day 1. I added grit and meal worms about 7-10 days ago, and they all love both. Their bedding is straw and some pine shavings. The temperature in the brooder is about 78-80 now, and the other girls are about ready to move outside. Three days ago I put their light on a timer, so they are in complete darkness for about 2 - 3 hours a night in preparation for the move outside.

    Poopsy : [​IMG]

    Poopsy with Gillian and Louise and Thelma on the floor [​IMG]

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