50 Layers, 5 eggs today

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    I have a little over 50 layers, a mixture of brown layers, olive eggers, and 3 silkie hens, in 3 different pens. They are fed with a standard layer pellet ration, cracked corn for winter, household scraps, and bread store rejects. The bread keeps costs down, and is a dietary treat and not a whole ration. However my hens are not over 2 years old, and not insect ridden. Tonight I I acosted many a mad hen to look around their vent and under their winngs, they are wormed and I have boiled and fed them rice poridge royally spiked with red pepper flakes. Is this normal for naturally held hens? I Know I can add a light, but will not do it. Layer pellets, bread, house scraps, and scratch is put out at once. Sevins dust is sprinkled on the nests routinely, asd it is in their dust areas in the runs.
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