55 have hatched so far Yipeee !


8 Years
Apr 7, 2011
55 of my chicks have hatched and moved them to the brooder, still have (10) in the incu

bator that are drying and fluffing. Have another 10 that have piped and hopefully will hatch this eve.
Its a incubator i built
It looks awesome!! I was recently looking into incubators and it was suggested by another BYCer that I make my own. I don't think I am ready to tackle that project just yet though!! We are just flexing our carpentry skills with building a brooder and coop recently. I would be too afraid to get something wrong but I think later on when/if I need a larger capacity one I may try to build one.
The small chick in prior photo is a Bantam Cochin, This is for a gals daughter that gave me (45) eggs to hatch for her. Most of hers were Copper Marans. I was able to get some red sex links from my Rhode island red rooster and Delaware hens....Yipee. I also got some Barred rocks, Delaware's, and Araucana's. Got some chicks that I will post pictures of to see if anyone knows what they are?
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