5th egg eaten- graphic pic


Jun 27, 2019
We’re on day 20 of our first hatch. I’m guessing by the lack of growth right here before hatch day, that this one died a few days ago. Any guess as to when? And would my hen have known that was the case? If so, how do they know?


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Hens are quite clever.When they pluck their underside before sitting it allows them not only to transfer body heat to the eggs but it must also allow them sense temperature variations between the eggs underneath them.Only last week my broody hen who has been sitting on eggs kicked out one egg.The egg broke and she ate it.A few days before I had candles the eggs and the one she kicked out was one I had my doubts about.You can even tell yourself the heat difference between a viable and a dud egg by holding them in your hand.The viable egg is always warmer than the dud one.
6th egg. Def looks like it’s not on day 20, like it stopped developing days ago. I just don’t have a guess as to when. the rest of them all feel very warm. I couldn’t tell a difference in them. I did see some flickering in a good bit of the 17 I have left. Some of them look so full I can’t tell what’s going on. I guess only time will tell.


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I’m no expert buti thought if it’s a quitter it wouldn’t have veins or blood unless it died that day or something.
Finally we have success! Our first little hatch!!


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