5th try with my black orpingtons and still no hatch - any idea?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Mrs Chickens, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Aug 23, 2009
    This as the post says is my 5th try at hatching my orps this year. We have hatch last year and we were sucessful so can anyone give me some tips as to whats going wrong. I will try all detail

    Ok so the eggs are deffenatly fertile we eat them too so I check before we eat and can see the small cell divideing thingy!
    We have two cockrell and four hens, one of our hen went broody about 2mths ago and out of 10 eggs she only hatch 1 but they had really bad lice at the time so I put it down to that.
    They are now all pretty much clear in a fab new plastic coop and are free range with lots of fresh grass etc.

    The last batch are on day 21 on day 18 I removed 3 of the 6 remaining eggs as I could she they were not formed and I cracked them open to check and yes, small but not formed chicks. Like they got so far then stoped or I've got the days wrong which is not the case. Now the remaing 3 are looking like fully formed chicks but no pipping or movment and tommorow I will take them out and see how far we got.

    I am getting a bit disharted at why we are failing the incubator is new with thermomiter and electric rocker that get turned off at day 18, it has tanks for the water. The only thing that is missing is a humidity gage!

    When I open them tommorow I will take some pic and post on here just in case anyone a real expert and can tell by looking. But any tips would be great, me is thinking its ether the bird are not health enough or the incubator is broken some how?? Although both chick's and incubator look fine

    Many thanks

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