5wk old Buckeyes, with no tails?


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I have 4 5wk old (2 days off of 6wks) buckeye chicks. 1 of them has a tail started. The other 3 have nothing going on for a tail. Could this mean anything for sexing? Is it normal? All of my other chicks the same age of other breeds have tails.

I will get some pictures uploaded in a few.


Oh here are the pictures and maybe a few extra. hehe
Any ID or sex on these birds would be a huge help

First, I'm not even 100% that this is a buckeye, as a chick it looked the same as the others
any idea on the sexes?

This one has a little tail

These two, didn't want their picture taken

This little guy, I was thinking cochin.. rooster....? and its VERY shy, so not good pictures

These two were given to me, I have no idea their breed, I'm thinking their hens

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Here's my buckeyes at 5 weeks for comparison. I haven't seen anything about tail-less bird in my readings - sorry I can't be of more help! That dark one is really pretty - not sure if it is buckeye or not - the comb appears to be the same. My birds' tails do seem a little shorter than my golden-laced wyandottes' tails.

Thank you emmasmom, its good to see we are on track. Only the first 3 pics are buckeyes.

Yeah so far so good in health area! yay!

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