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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TLWR, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    We have 6 acres of land here. The back 4 from the house back are fenced.
    We will soon be refencing it as the fence I put up this summer is not working well. Tavarish (the doberman) was told to not go over the fence. I never thought about telling him to not go under or though the fence. Who knew he was such a technical dog! So he pushes his way under or through (at the posts).
    The fence is a plastic fence.
    Tavarish taught Jet how to get out too.
    I had to let her in the front door the other day. We went to talk to the neighbors about us putting up a new fence soon and he said he saw both our dogs playing in his yard. Great.

    Yeah, well, the ducks go UNDER the fence too and make their way to the side and front of the house. Bad. Dogs and other things out there.
    This morning, as I'm putting food down for the ducks I hear them running and flapping their wings. I look up and see Ally flying herself along about 2-3' off the ground for a good 20+ feet!. great, next she'll be flying OVER the fence.

    So, we have 4 acres of perfectly good back yard and nobody wants to stay in it!

    we have to remove all the posts and remove the fence I put up this summer and have a guy come in with his forestry mower and clear the rest of the property line (I cleared it by hand wide enough for me to get down it with rolls of fencing - now it will be a 4-5' wide path). Then we'll put the posts back in - nice and straight since we'll be able to see from front to back of the property - and put up a nice new field fencing to keep dogs and ducks in. As long as nobody decides to figure out their way OVER that fence. Or through. Or who knows. But they better stay in the yard!
    And we'll add another string of barbed wire to the other neighbors fence so neither dog will be scooting under that.

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    Mar 26, 2010
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    WOW! I don't trust my "kids" (mini horses, dog, chickens, ducks) anywhere near more than a 3 hundred feet (fenced) area. Good luck!

    3 hundred feet means 3 hundred feet of fence attached to a building, making a "corral".
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    Apr 6, 2010
    I have 6 1/2 fenced acres, and it's the same problem, with the dogs that is. I've found that the "invisible" dog fence works REALY WELL for them. It's way cheaper than putting up field fencing or any other type of fencing: Though I doubt you could afford to put a collar on every duck.........

    I'm even concidering trying it on the goats!
  4. I have an assortment of fencing, from 2 x 4 welded mesh for dogs and goats, with 3 strings of hot wire...you soon learn your lesson after chasing dogs round the roads and having people pass and toot their horn and you go out to 6 goats grazing at the side of the road, or the mule chasing the neighbors dog down the road for kicks and loving ever minute of it. All my fencing now has hot wire. The best fencing I have and the easiest to put up is welded panels. I have both cattle panels and goat panels, I put it all up myself..easier than roles of fencing when you only have 1 pair of hands and cant stretch it like you would like to. But both have worked great for the ducks, that was untill last week I got back from town to 3 of the runners out in the drive to meet me when I got back from town, the had been digging holes after it had rained and had just hopped thru 1 of the panel holes in the cattle fencing. the cant do that with the goat panels tho. Cattle panels cost me $19 a panel and 3 posts per panel and the goat panles were $39 a panel and 3 posts per panel. I highly recoment it, oh and its 4ft high

    goat panels

    cattle panels that my dogs yard is made from.
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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    DH and I went out for a late lunch and some quick window shopping. Get home and we see 2 ducks standing by the gate to the duck yard and deck. There should be 3. Just standing there like they were waiting for us.
    Found Blue - on the other side of the fence on the side of the yard trying to find a way back in. Guess the other 2 were standing there waiting so we could see one of them was missing and needed some help.

    Fence line should be cleared later this week or early next week. Then we can put up the field fence.
    It's 1300 feet of fence to put up, so the cattle panels become too spendy. The stuff we are looking to use has the wires closer together at the bottom so the ducks shouldn't be able to get through there.... shouldn't, but who knows!

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