6+ Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs!!! HOLDERREAD LINES!!! Virginia


11 Years
May 23, 2008
Cumberland, VA

Here we have 6+ eggs from our rare Ancona Ducks hatching eggs. We have blacks, blues, lavenders, and chocolates in our flock. Also we have 2 drakes and 10 hens. These originally came from Holderread lines. Your eggs will be shipped fresh and well cared for as they will be bubble wrapped and packed with packing peanuts. We will ship atleast 6 eggs and if we are able to ship more we will. Our packing is among the best and cannot guarantee how the post office will handle your eggs. We can guarantee fresh eggs to though.

Paypal payments can be sent to [email protected] or email me for information on sending a money order.

I just purchased some of these eggs a few weeks ago and all I can say is wow! Nice large eggs! Lovely creamy color to boot! The packing job was very nice, not a one broken. The eggs are doing well in the bator and I can't wait to see all my spotted duckies! These are a must buy!
Is the duck on the far right solid white? I have been looking for these ducks and plan to get some of them in the spring. Do you have pics of the other colors besides Black and White.
Thanks again Ashley that means a lot you are happy with the eggs. TX we used to have a solid white one but she was killed by a predator a while back unfortunetly.


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