6+ Bantam Polish Eggs Buff Laced and WC Black/Cuckoo (Frizzled)


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Aug 3, 2009
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6+ Eggs from my Polish pens. (These are penned seperately and colors are not mixed)


Eggs will be shipped Wednesday. Whatever eggs are collected today through Tuesday will be shipped. Fertility has been really good.
Eggs have been collected starting 5-19.

Pen 1

A trio of Buff Laced Bantam Polish from Dave Anderson's lines.
All birds in ths group are bearded. The male and one female are smooth feathered, one female is frizzled



Pen 2

A trio of non-bearded WC Bantam Polish
The male is WC Blue Cuckoo (smooth) over 1 WC Black Cuckoo (smooth) female, and 1 WC Black frizzled female




One of the babies hatched from the WC Group. I am getting all Cuckoo from this group, both blue and black


Payment is due at the end of auction through PayPal address [email protected]

Due to postal practices I cannot guarantee hatch rate. I can assure you that fertility in the eggs I have set has been fantastic. I can also assure the eggs are fresh, no older than 4 days old and well wrapped and packed at the time of shipping. No refunds will be given. Eggs will be wrapped individually in bubble wrap, and then three or four are wrapped again in bubble wrap together, and packed in a large box and mailed priority. Look here for the way I wrap and pack ~ https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=38307-wrapping-and-packing-eggs-for
Just received my eggs from an auction last week and stuck them under my broody hens!! Fabulous packing job on these eggies, the PO put a huge rip down the side of the box but all the eggs were safely nestled inside a bed of newspaper. Thank you!!
I'm so glad they made it there safely! Best of luck on your hatch. I have my first htach in my new Dickey's incubator due next week. I'm very excited!

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