6+ Bantam Salmon Faverolle Eggs Npip / Mo

ugly ducky

11 Years
Sep 26, 2008
6+ fresh, fertile Bantam Salmon Faverolle eggs from my NPIP Certified flock. My breeders are not hatchery stock. They all have excellent muffs, 5 toes, and feathering. These are the sweetest little birds I have ever seen! So calm, and sociable, and good little layers. I have been hatching their eggs here at home with excellent results. So, now that I have enough for myself, I can offer some for sale. I package my eggs very carefully, and label clearly for the P.O. Shipping includes Delivery Confirmation.

Very Nice, I can't bid now but I will be looking in the Spring. I am getting a Trio of Juveniles tomorrow and I can't wait.
Oh, you'll love them! They are so very gentle (at least mine are). I should have a pretty decent supply of eggs by spring. I'm hatching now so they will be laying by springtime.
I love the 3 girls I have. I don't have a male to breed with. I also love my standard Sam Favs and plan on hatching the heck out of them this winter as long as they lay.

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