6+ Bantam Silkied Barred & Black Cochin eggs ~NPIP~ NEW PICS ADDED


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6+ Bantam Silkied Cochin Eggs in Barred and Black varieties. A few years ago I had a barred cochin pullet that hatch out silkied. I crossed a Karl Rau black cochin roo with the silkied pullet I hatched. I sure can tell the improvement in the offspring in this line from using Karl's roo, these birds have huge wide cushions on them. It has taken me 3 year to produce these silkied cochins, since the "gene for silkie feathering" is recessive. I have 2 silkied barred roos over barred & black silkied cochin hen and also black cochin hens split to "silkied". So some chicks may hatch out normal feathered but they will carry the gene for "silkied feathering".
I have been getting great fertility here, but I can not guarantee your hatch rate due to shipping and/or incubation techniques.
I bubble wrap each eggs and then place them in a egg carton which is securely packed in a #7 Priority Mail box. I think the larger box offers good protection. NPIP 64-1039 & AI Certified My PayPal id is [email protected] I have some ready to now also, if interested just pm or email me.

I have some ready to go out now if interested. You don't have to bid just send payment by Paypal to [email protected] I can get some out tomorrow.




Do some of you not like the silkied black cochins ?
They will be very useful if you get some of the silkied Lavender cochin eggs I plan to have next year. And just look at this beautiful girl !




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The pen has barred roos over barred and black hens..so there is a chance of getting both barred & black. I just have them setup this way to save on pen space and still get the 2 varieties. If you were to hatch some black you can still use them with barred to make barred.
I can't guarantee a percentage, only guess- I don't watch to see what hens are laying. On an average over 50% should be barred.
I am going to have to check back in a month or so, still way too cold here to ship eggs. Don't want them to freeze before I get them! Very nice birds!!!!!
Do you have pictures of what they look like as chicks?

Also can you tell apart the blacks and barreds from day one by the coloring of the chicks or do you have to wait for their feathers to come in?

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