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6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
So I was so happy when mom asked me to build her a coop and get some chickens. My husband and I made the coop from scratch (which took forever cause I only have hand saws) and got all of the supplies needed to raise the chicks. (which along with the coop cost me a pretty penny and we don't have jobs right now because we just moved here from TX)

Everyone liked the idea until the chicks got here. My Dad was angry when I set them up in the spare room, and wants them outside NOW. He says the entire house smells like $#!+( Which it doesn't, I clean their bedding 2-3 times a week) and he thought we were getting adult chickens. Besides that he said he only wanted 3, (with TSC you have to buy six and there is no where else around here that I know of to get chicks). My mom and I are upset because we are already attached to the babies but he says they have to go outside. I live in East Stroudsburg, PA and if they go outside they will freeze and I don't have the money to get a heater for the coop.

Would anyone want to trade me 3 adult hens for the 6 chicks, or as a last resort just take the chicks off of my hands so my dad doesn't put them outside? Supposedly they are 3 "red pullets" and 3 brown "leghorn pullets". Thanks

(I can get better pics on request)

How about standing up to you dad? Explaining it him that they wont be in the house forever the 6 weeks are short weeks. Yes they smell some but well maybe get some air freshers lol!
What little cuties!

How old are they now and that is the weather like temp wise where you are?

Also you can try on craiglist to trade/sell the chicks as well but make sure you are getting a pullet/young hen and not an older hen who is close to the end of her laying.
What are you using for a heat source for the chicks inside? I've used the same heat lamp indoors, out in the big coop or in the chicken tractor, for brooding. Do you have a basement or garage that your Dad would object less to, than the spare room?

I never have chicks in the house for all those weeks, just until they get a good start. Maybe he'd agree to that. That would let the weather warm up a bit more, if it's a big issue.

You could also try the "where are you" section of the forum, for the thread for your state. Maybe make some local connections there. That might help, if you do end up needing to rehome the chicks or get some adults.

I hope you can work something out. I know how parents can be sometimes, at any age.
If you keep them in a small enclosure and use a heat lamp they will be fine outsids as lonf as you have them where predators cant get to them. Sorry your dad feels this way. If u r cleaning bedding 3 times a week they should not smell much ar all. I just raised 26 chicks in my bedroom and they did not begin smelling until around 5 weeks and I cleaned the wood shavings out once a week. Good luck. If you absolutely cant dimd an answer, I would buy them from you....but dont need them!
Doesn't matter how much you clean, chicks can create a lot of dust. I'd put them in the coup you just built and put a very well secured and protected heat lamp in with them. Once they are about 6 weeks old they should be fully feathered and with 6 of them they can cuddle to keep each other warm without the heat lamp.
They don't need to be in the house. I live in MN and my chicks are out in the coop (a 7x15' shed with 8' ceiling) from day one. In your little coop, they will be plenty warm with a heat lamp. Just make sure it's not drafty. Honestly, I would not be happy with chickens in my house, either. I'm assuming you are living in your parents' home? If so, you should show some respect and gratitude for having a roof over your head, and get them out of the house.
It would be much, much better if you can get them out of the house. No matter how well you clean, chicks create this dust (that gave me the worst allergic reaction of my life, but that's a story for another time! ) and it gets absolutely EVERYWHERE. They smell more than you may realize too; I had to clean the brooder every other day, even when they were moved outdoors, just to keep the smell bearable. In my opinion, chickens of any age just don't belong in the house.
I am in Ohio, got my chicks in March, and they were fine outside in the unheated garage with a well-secured heat lamp. I would think yours will do fine in the coop with a well-secured heat lamp; we got our lamps for less than $10 each at Lowe's.

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