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I am beyond nervous and I need some help to calm my nerves and to answer my questions.

I have six fertilized duck eggs due to hatch the 5th and 6th (One is due the 6th) of November. That's a Monday and a Tuesday. The incubator is located at the school and I'm now nervous about whether or not they follow their "due date".

How well do ducklings follow their due date? If they're due on a certain date will they hatch on that date?

This is my first time hatching and I am completely clueless. What do I do when they hatch? When should I take them out of the incubator?

HELP? Please?

I just wanted to post a bit about myself and the eggs.

I am a high school senior and an FFA officer. The eggs are located in our Agricultural Sciences room. I am the owner of the parents of the eggs and the provider. For the past 3 weeks it has been my duty to incubate the eggs and they've been doing awesome. They're moving and growing so much. They're Silver Swedish ducklings.

I am so nervous. As I said this is my first incubation and hatching. I can easily prep a mare for foaling, predict the time, and then foal her out; but ducks? WHAT?!

I am planning on being there for the hatching. I am planning on talking to my principal tomorrow about seeing if I can have the day excused to watch the eggs as long as I am doing my homework while its happening.
Oh, I also have my eggs sitting up kinda like they would in an egg container. I've been reading that they ought to instead be laid flat? Is this true? Will they be okay if I do so tomorrow?
I've been reading just now about how to set the eggs; I have them sitting with the small side pointed up. I've read that they should NOT be set that way!

Have I completely ruined everything?! Will they be okay?!
I have never hatched duck eggs...maybe someone will respond who has.
I have hatched out a few hatches of chickens I assume its somewhat the same. .
Yo u would turn them the other way big side up. The wrong side up? ...humm not sure if it will hurt.Do you candle and have you seen movement?If you have thats a good sign.

Ppl hatch laying them down and up both to hatch..
I havent heard if either is better. I prefer laying down because its more natural but plenty get good results up.
With chickens the last 4 days you up the humidity.Did you have any info on doing that or does your incubator have some humidity setting etc?
For duck eggs i am not sure what to set at...
It is different for different areas of the country .Iowa..well i am in Mo and i set my humidity at around 40-45 for the first 17 day and then around 65-70 day 18 to 21.the last 4 days.No higher than 80 at any point.
That is chickens.
Maybe you can find a duck thread on here or put in hatching ducks in your computer seach line and see what will come up elsewhere
.It should give you better info than i have for you .
However any questions i will try and help if i can
As far as watching hummm it often takes many hours to hatch first there is a little crack, then they ZIP eventually start a line of cracks going around the egg then they push out.
They may hatch out in an hour 5 hours or even 12 hours. or more.YOu might ask the principal if you can check on them during the day and stay in there if they are almost allzipped out.
After they hatch They can stay in the incubator for some hours it wont hurt them. Chickens can even stay in 2 days with no food as the yolk is absorbed right before they hatch and gives them the energy to go for a couple days without food.
Dont worry there.
They shouldnt be taken out either way until they dry and probably shouldnt be removed until all the eggs that might hatch do.or the rest can dry fast from air when bator is opend and what they call shrink wrap caused by the too dry air drying their membrane in the shell where they cant move to hatch

I dont know how long duck eggs stay in but chicks usually are due day 21 but can hatch day 20, 21 even day 23 i have heard..Not later than that Usually day 20 -21.
I am hatching out my chicks next Monday also.
I am " locking down" Friday which is when you up the humidity and dont open the bator until they all have hatched.

I will try to copy /paste the hatch thread we are on where duck ppl are. too ..
GOOD Luck !!

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