6+ eggs Maran roo x BA, Sexlink, SLW, Welsummer x hens


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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
I have a very handsome Silver Cuckoo Maran roo in with one Black Australorp hen, 2 Amber Sexlink hens, 2 Welsummer x hens, and 4 Silver Laced Wyandotte hens. The eggs are VERY fertile and will produce large, excellent layers of large brown eggs. If you are looking for layers of large brown eggs that lay very well, this is the deal for you! The only thing is, I do not currently have a car, so if you are in Indiana and can come pick the eggs up, then bid. If you cannot come get them, please don't bid because I can't count on my neighbors to give me a ride to the Post Office. They aren't that nice! And I live in a town without a P.O., and would have to travel about 10 miles to get to one. Not possible in this weather.
Sorry! But they are laying well, and if you are interested, let me know. Check out my other auction on Bantam Cochin x eggs if you want smaller birds!

Here are pictures of the flock:

Black Australorp hen Jersey:

Sexlink hen Poachy:

Two of the Wyandotte hens:

The rooster Mystery:

One of the two Welsummer x hens. This is Twinkle:

PM me with any questions and happy bidding!
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