6 hens (maybe 1 rooster) need to split and add a couple


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
Hi all,

I am very new to this and have an unusual question.

My neighbor and I got baby chicks for the first time... 3 months ago. When she pick them up, we decided that 2 were mine and 4 were her's and we got to work on the coops. The coops have been very slow going, but are almost ready and we need advise on how to split the group and add two more.

We are pretty sure she has a rooster, we'd like to return him (urban area) and pick up two new hens of the same age... one for her and one for me (I decided I want three).... I know this sounds like a high school math question

The feed store says it's no problem to split the flock as they are young, but does anyone have advise for adding one to each of the new groups?
I wonder if the new coops and the split will change the dynamic enough for it to not be problem.


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