6 Heritage Midget White Turkey Hatching Eggs


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Aug 20, 2010
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You are bidding on 6 Midget White Turkey eggs. From our experience the Midget White is the best tasting table bird of all the heritage varieties, lays the largest eggs, good sitters and mothers and the most calmest sweet natured turkeys I have ever been around.

The Midget White turkey was created in the early 1960s by Dr. J. Robert Smyth at the University of Massachusetts. It was developed to meet an anticipated demand for a small version of the broad breasted turkey. Since this market did not develop as predicted, the Midget White never become widely popular.

Soon after the development of the Midget White, the University of Massachusetts had to reduce its poultry holdings. The Midget White turkeys were dispersed. Dr. Bernie Wentworth, a former graduate student of Dr. Smyth’s, never forgot these turkeys. Much to his surprise, Dr. Wentworth, who had taken a position on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin, found some of these turkeys, with University of Massachusett’s wing bands in the flock of a backyard fancier. These birds were added to the University of Wisconsin’s poultry program, which continued to refine and then fix the standard for the Midget White variety we know today. Dr. Wentworth is largely credited in preventing the breed’s extinction. As Dr. Wentworth prepared to retire in the late 1990’s, the university decided to disperse the flock. Some were passed to poultry hobbyists, but the majority of the flock was sent to the USDA poultry facility in Beltsville, Maryland. The Beltsville flock was dispersed in April of 2005 and the remaining birds were distributed to poultry enthusiasts located in the eastern US. The survival of this breed now lies completely in the hands of private individuals. It is important to note that the Midget White turkey does not have any genetic relationship to the Beltsville White and that the two breeds are distinct and should be managed separately.

The Midget White, with its broad breast, has the appearance of a miniature of the commercial Broad Breasted White turkey. This quality provides the variety with good meat production and makes the Midget White a fine table fowl. The variety was developed from a cross of a commercial Broad Breasted White turkey and an exhibition Royal Palm. Midget White toms average 13 lbs., hens average 8 lbs. In Wisconsin, the birds were selected for higher egg production, fertility, and hatchability.

Shipping is $13.00 to the lower 48 states plus Alaska by US Postal Service Priority Mail, usually 2 to 3 days.
We accept paypal and USPS money order.

We have shipped eggs from here on the east coast out to the west coast. We have received many complements on our packing, and put in the extra effort to insure your eggs arrive unbroken.
We ship eggs in the same way we would like to receive them. We bubble wrap each egg separately, putting in a regular box (not an egg carton) which is then cushioned and set in a larger box. These are not the prepaid priority boxes but we use the large boxes that can be ordered through USPS as the standard mailing box. Our mailing costs may be higher than the prepaid boxes but we find that they arrive in better shape, so it's well worth the extra time, packing materials and shipping costs. We ship fresh and fertile eggs and are not responsible for USPS handling. Even as carefully as we ship, we cannot guarantee that there will be no breakage in transit. We do not guarantee the percentage of your hatch as the incubators temperature and humidity are very variable. We will provide assistance to you during the hatch and help in every way possible to have the best hatch possible.

We are a chemical free farm and farm full-time. We feed our animals with the best feed, sprouted grains, fresh grasses, treats from the garden and LOTS OF TENDER LOVING CARE!

GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY HATCHING!!! Be sure to let us know how your hatch turns out. Please give feedback when the eggs arrive not when they hatch. There are too many variables on a hatch rate, which we have nothing to do with. If you have questions feel free to contact us. Thank you and God Bless!

Roslyn & Gary Pickens
Lucky Pickens Farm

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