6 Lavender Cuckoo d'anver hatching eggs

Boggy Bottom Bantams

11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Hahira, GA
Hi all, I am sure many of you have seen my d'anvers on here in other threads before, and know we have 17 colors of these wonderful bantams. Well here's your chance to get some of the rarest in the world. We have been working on developing the LAVENDER CUCKOO pattern in them for 3 years now, and based on the hatches we have been getting, we're there. One or two have come out lavender still but these are splits to cuckoo and will produce all lavender cuckoos when you breed them back to the pure ones you'll get. We're not going to be offering very many eggs on them simply because the yearling run around $75- $100 each. But we thought we'd give some of our BYC buddies a chance at some of them. I can post loads more pics of our boys if you'd like to see some, or I also have a thread going in the breeds/genetics section just for d'anvers with pics of all 17 of our colors.
Rest assured, these will be something no one else has in this country, probably not even over seas!
Shipping is $12, and we pack extremely well, very picky about that! But still as yall all know, there are no guarantees on shipped eggs.
Thanks for looking and good luck

Edited to add we are NPIP nad Avian Influenza tested and clean
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Wow! Stunning!
If I win these could I ask to delay shipping until April12th ?? We are gonna be out of town for a few days and I cannot incubate any until after then ???

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