6+ LF Polish hatching eggs


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Up for bids, eggs from my several pens of purebred polish. I have one pen with all Buff Laced, except one Silver Laced hen. There is another pen with mostly Gold Laced Polish, but a few assorted white crested blue or black. These are just recently started to lay so not many from this pen. I also have a pen with splash hens and a black rooster with a white crest, as well as some white on his back. So you can get a variety of colors. Shipping is $14.00. I do combine shipping on multiple auctions. Post your bids on this thread. I can't figure out how to post pics yet, but I can email you some. Thanks for looking, Deb This auction ends 10PM Sunday for shipment the next day with prompt payment. Bid on this thread, increments of $0.25 not by PM.
Photo of my only Silver Laced Hen, Sweetlips.
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Here are a few pics of some of Deb's beautiful Polish Chicklets that I waas fortunate enough to hatch recently
Her packing is as exquisite as her chicklets

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Hey Pauletta, I would be glad to do just the white crested blue or black if enough of them were laying but my main layers are splash and buff laced. Come spring I hope to have them all separated and laying so I can offer single colors.
Sounds good. I am going to Home Depot again for more building supplies for the Buff Orps I'm getting from you from the swap. Too many coops and runs! I know you know what I mean. You have many different breeds too!

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