6+ Midget White Turkey Hatching Eggs

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    This offer is for 6+ fertile midget white turkey eggs. (the + means that you will receive more than 6). Fertility has been confirmed as high for this season in my own incubators. I have two separate groups for genetic diversity. Your eggs will be marked with the number of the pen they came out of. My birds have free range access but lay their eggs in their coop which is kept clean and dry with sand bedding. I'll gently brush the sand off, but your eggs won't be washed in order to preserve the protective coating. Egg size will vary this season because I have some first year layers in there, but all sizes are doing very well for me, currently in the 90% range. My toms average 14 pounds and my hens 8 pounds. NOT out of hatchery stock. Tested pullorum free.

    Note: Hatching eggs aren't guaranteed to hatch given the many variables that are out of my control. That said, I'll pack your eggs the way I like to receive them and since I'm incubating eggs from the same pens myself, I'll know if there is any drop off in fertility. Please contact me if you have any questions. Also, purebred midget white turkeys hatch one or two days earlier than other breeds, typically at 26 days.

    Please PM me to order. I'll need your zip code to calculate shipping.

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