6-month GFM **Page 3 with contest link**

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I would like to see how this contest is going to turn out.
i will do it! I have a clock set to every time zone!!!!
Hey Skitz,

I am getting a group together! I don't know if you can reserve a team spot, but I'm pretty positive I can get 6 people together!
for all of you that want to know how this game is going to be played -- I will be posting another thread later on with the rules and how you play it. I still don't know when it's going to start so I haven't posted anything. BUT if you want me to put the rules and how you play the game in this thread.........I will.
FIRST I want to get my teams ready
I have a STRANGE feeling that I might not have 3 teams by March 15, 2010.....but who knows what will happen!
It's really fun SmartyChick and matthewschickens. I've played one like it once. You guys can be on my team if you want! I'm tryna find people. Just cuz I'm getting the team together doesn't mean i'll be the leader though. We'll have to vote on that.

PM me if you wanna play!
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