6 months???


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May 7, 2008
Pasadena Ca
so its been a few weeks over 6 months now,,, and my americauna and barahm have yet to give me an egg...
i have a 5 month old RIR and a RIR mix and nothing,.,,, they have been checking out the nest area,, have their waddles red faces big round white poo,,, eating 50/50 layer starter as well as free rangin a few hours a day,,, i have checked all their little spots around the yard and nothing.. i even run out there when i hear a loud squack thinking one just pushed an egg out,.,,
its been about 70-85 during the day and cooler at night,...

there is 2 little chicks (2 months) in the same coop. could they be affecting the older birds somehow?

i know patience is key,,, but this is killing me!!!!! cant wait to try an egg,,, egg sandwich, egg salald, egg soup, egg this egg that,,, give some away,,,,,

do i have to dance or sing to them?? do an egg laying dance for them?


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11 Years
May 1, 2008
Redmond, WA
Quiche and egg souffle and omelettes and fried eggs too. That's what we've done with our first eggs so far. Only 4 of 13 laying at 28+ weeks now and most eggs are peewee or small or medium in size so far. Got one jumbo and one large.

Hurry up and wait - or go buy some eggs and practice recipes while you wait.

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