6 Orpington Hatching Eggs (Bantam and/or Large Fowl) SOP Quality


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Here are some of our Orpingtons. Our hatching eggs are listed on our website. Website link is under our avatar. You are welcome to click the BUY IT NOW here on BYC or at our website. Some of these are Presales and we have a few orders pending on some varieties. Supply will be limited and demand is high for these lines. So order early.

$35.00 half dozen postage paid.


Blue/Splash. We acquired these from Dick Hortsman.

Our Splash male is from Superior Farms.

Black. We acquired these from Majestic Lane.

Our pure Majestic Lane Black Orpington Bantam chicks. Hatched November 2011.

Buff. Our Buff Orpingtons are from several sources that acquired theirs from the Brazelton Line.


Buff. Our Buffs came from Superior Farms. They are Britt, Bacon, Clevenger and Brazelton lines.

An American Hatchery Buff Orpington male. We had this for our Buff Chantecler project and sold the project last summer.

Black. Our Blacks are pure Cecil Moore line.

Blue. Our Blues are a composite of several lines. We acquired them from a friend. We are now using the Cecil Moore Blacks to improve size and type.

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